Child Dedication

What a wonderful gift children are! Calvary Ellensburg loves to celebrate as a church body when a family chooses to dedicate their child to the Lord.
Throughout the year, there are several opportunities for “Dedication Weekends.” Families can choose a date to dedicate their child during one of our weekend services.

Please read Steps 1-3 for details.

Step #1-
Understand What Baby Dedication Means The act of dedicating children to the Lord was a common practice of blessing among God’s people in biblical times. In addition, it was also a statement of recognition, on the part of the parents, that their child belonged to God. As Christians today, we dedicate children with the same purpose in mind. The dedication celebration is more than a ritual. It is a commitment on the part of the parents to honor the will and Word of God. It also differs from baptism. You can download and the attached handout titled “You and Your Baby’s Dedication” for more information.

Step #2 –
Contact us at to work on choosing a time to dedication you child.

Step #3 –
Confirmation and Logistical Information  You will receive an email reply or phone call  which confirms your date. Please arrive early at service in order to find a place to sit for you and any extended family or friends. We encourage you to make use of our Children’s Ministry program after your child has been dedicated. For additional information, email

What do I do next?

Schedule a date  to have your child baptized.

 If you have more questions or would like to contact us
with additional information, please fill out the form below.

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You can also talk to a Pastor or Elder after one of our services.